Build delightful customer experience

UXCam takes you beyond analytics to seeing real user behavior

​Reveal user’s actual experience

See how users experience your product and understand where they struggle, in real world scenarios

​Optimize Product Design

See which features are working and which need rework, optimizing for user engagement and conversion

​Make decisions with confidence

No more hindsight needed, make product decisions through user analysis.

See your app from the user’s eyes

Record all user actions to gain complete insights into user behavior.

  • Screen recording
  • Capture all touch points and gestures
  • Auto detect screen name and events
Watch my recordings

Get full insights of each screens

See where ​users are clicking and what they are ignoring

  • Understand user behavior and browsing habits
  • See where they are clicking and what they are ignoring
  • Improve CTA’s by fixing the one’s that is not working
Lets start with heatmaps

See how users flow through the app

See where in the app user’s drop off and understand why they drop off, by watching videos.

  • See how users navigate through the app
  • Segment users based on drop offs
  • Analyze to understand how to improve the drop off page
See my app flow

Find the needle in the haystack

Find the right video you need to watch. For example ask us, show me all the videos of users who dropped off at check out page. Or users who completed 1st session but never came back.

  • Instant precise search
  • Filter based on custom tags and events
  • Run simple or complex filtering queries
Let's send event data

Improve UX collaboratively

Everyone in team has great ideas. Get everyone to input and build an awesome product.

  • Share recordings with the team
  • Comment & discuss issues in real time and over Slack.
  • Assign the recording as a bug via trello and JIRA
Invite a team member

Quick Integration

// Import UXCam header at the top of your AppDelegate.m
#import <UXCam/UXCam.h>

// Add this call as the first line of your
// application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method
[UXCam startWithKey:@"App-key from"];
// In every activity that is an entry point to your app add
import com.uxcam.UXCam;

// Add this call inside onCreate method.
UXCam.startWithKey("App-key from");

The integration is 2 lines of code. It automatically detects screens and events so no additional instrumentation is required.

Lightweight code with zero performance penalty

The code works ​​in background without any performance penalty.

Control recordings remotely

Control recordings from the dashboard including when and what to record or to turn off completely.


UXCam automatically blocks password field and provides a method to block identifiable information

Even more improvement with powerful tools that you already use

UXCam integrates with leading products and support tools

UXCam third party integration

Try UXCam for free. No credit card required.