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Amplitude Mobile Analytics - Understand The WHY With UXCam


29 November, 2023

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Amplitude mobile analytics

If you're navigating the complex world of mobile analytics, chances are you've heard of Amplitude. It's a robust platform offering myriad features for product analytics, allowing you to dive deep into user behavior and take data-driven actions.

But before we plunge into the nuts and bolts of this tool, let's address a limitation: Amplitude doesn't offer session replay for mobile apps, leaving a gap in user understanding. That's where the powerful integration of UXCam with Amplitude comes into play.

First, let's dissect what Amplitude brings to the table.

Amplitude for mobile app analytics

Amplitude's chief strength lies in its capacity for detailed behavioral analysis. With this tool, you gain insights into what actions your users are taking within your app, allowing you to understand their journey.

You can create user behavior cohorts, tracking their movements and actions within your application. This feature is invaluable for personalization and conversion optimization, as you can build tailor-made user experiences based on these insights.

Moreover, Amplitude's 'Microscope' feature lets you deep dive into an event's properties, providing granular details about specific user actions. This can reveal patterns and trends that help you adjust your app's features for optimal engagement.

Furthermore, Amplitude's 'Compass' functionality identifies which user behaviors correlate highly with retention, empowering you to focus on the features that keep users hooked.

Yet, despite these powerful features, there's a missing piece to this puzzle. How do you visualize the user journey in a seamless, unified manner?

Limitations of Amplitude for mobile analytics

Despite its powerful analytics capabilities, Amplitude falls short in one key area: it doesn't offer session replay for mobile apps. This means you can't see exactly how users are interacting with your app, which can be vital information for identifying user experience issues, understanding user journeys, and making data-driven decisions to improve your app.

Session replay fills in the blanks between numbers and real user experiences, allowing you to watch and understand users' interactions with your app, as if you were looking over their shoulder. You can see where users tap, swipe, and interact, providing a real-world view of user behavior. Simple numerical data can't replicate this kind of detail.

However, not all is lost. Amplitude's integration with UXCam solves this very issue, presenting a complete picture of your user's journey.

Amplitude Session Replay with UXCam

Why integrate UXCam with Amplitude?

UXCam fills the gap left by Amplitude's lack of session replay functionality. By default, UXCam records every session from the moment a user launches your app to the moment they send it to the background. Unlike Amplitude, UXCam doesn't limit session duration, meaning it can accurately reflect real user behavior and the time users engage with your app​.

What if your app requires users to frequently send it to the background or leave it in the foreground for extended periods? UXCam has you covered. Its APIs allow you to customize session recordings to fit your app's unique needs. For instance, the "Allow short break API" lets a user switch to another app without breaking the current session, which is useful for processes like logging in with a social media account or completing a setup process​.

Moreover, UXCam's "Control Recording API" is perfect for apps that stay in the foreground for a long time. This API lets you decide when to start and stop a session, offering greater control over session recording​.

UXCam session replay for .NET MAUI

Enhance Amplitude mobile analytics with UXCam

So, why is UXCam a better alternative to Amplitude for mobile analytics?

The answer lies in UXCam's capacity to provide the best of both quantitative and qualitative analytics to reflect actual user behavior. UXCam's session recording, regardless of length, enables you to understand the full picture of how your users interact with your app in real-world environments.

Sessions replay UXCam

Whether users are leaving your app quickly due to high bounce rates on entry screens, or are unable to continue their journey due to uncovered issues, UXCam captures these short experiences that might otherwise be overlooked. These insights can help you identify points of user frustration, and work towards reducing them to boost retention​.

UXCam also allows you to analyze how many sessions your users need to complete an action in your app. This can help you identify issues that cause abandonment, giving you the chance to improve your app's user experience​.

UXCam enables session replay in your app, recording all user interactions to provide comprehensive visibility into their experience. Its seamless integration with Amplitude provides a much-needed addition to Amplitude's analytics suite.

blog inline-kpis to measure your feature adoption-spaces set up funnel-11

With UXCam, you don’t just get a glimpse of your user’s journey; you get the whole story. You can visualize their experience, noticing exactly where they face hiccups or smooth sailing. From detecting usability issues to discovering why certain features aren't being utilized, session replay provides a treasure trove of actionable insights.

Customer engagement user journey analytics - uxcam

UXCam also offers heatmaps, a feature that illustrates where users are interacting most with your app. By combining this with Amplitude's behavioral cohorts, you can see not only what users are doing, but also where they're doing it, enabling more effective app adjustments.

How to use data to challenge the hippo  - heatmaps

UXCam’s integration with Amplitude is seamless and straightforward. You only need to send your data to Amplitude, and UXCam will automatically match the session replays to Amplitude events. This allows you to dive into any event in Amplitude and watch the corresponding UXCam session replay. It's an integration that ties together analytics and visualization in one unified platform.

Amplitude and UXCam - Better together

While Amplitude is a powerful tool for mobile app analytics, it lacks the session replay functionality that could offer invaluable insights into user behavior. However, by integrating UXCam with Amplitude, you can leverage the best of both worlds.

With UXCam's session replay capabilities and Amplitude's robust analytics, you'll be equipped with the comprehensive insights needed to optimize your app's performance and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Remember, understanding user behavior is key to the success of your mobile app, and using the right set of tools is essential in achieving that understanding. So, while Amplitude gives you a powerful analytics platform, don't forget to consider integrating UXCam to further enrich your insight into user behavior.

Empower your mobile app analytics strategy today with Amplitude and UXCam, and unlock a deeper understanding of your users' journey. Get started with a 14-day free trial now

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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Tope Longe

Growth Manager

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