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Top 4 User Feedback Tools You Should Consider


1 January, 2024

Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

user feedback tools

Your customers won’t always express what they think about your app, especially when it comes to bugs, with 96% of users not even bothering to report any issues.

They’ll either stay loyal or churn. That’s why collecting customer feedback is essential. User feedback tools help product teams to uncover useful insights that most users would otherwise keep to themselves.

The best user feedback tools reviewed in this article are:

  1. UXCam - Best for powerful mobile app behavior analytics.

  2. SurveyMonkey - Best for creating online surveys.

  3. TypeForm - Best for conversational feedback collection.

  4. Qualaroo - Best for contextual customer insights.

Read on as we discuss the benefits of user feedback tools and supply you with four of the best to highlight customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and help teams identify more CRO opportunities.

Ready? Let’s get started! 

What are user feedback tools?

A user feedback tool assists product teams in gathering, measuring, and analyzing a user’s in-app experience. They support teams in understanding customers’ feelings, and many tools can identify the UI design areas and elements that lead to conversions and those needing improvement.

Criteria for choosing user feedback tools

  • Ease of use: Consider a tool that everyone can pick up quickly, especially if multiple users will be using a tool. Additionally, ensure that the tool is easy to set up, so you can start gathering data quickly. For instance, UXCam provides guides on how to set up all SDKs across multiple devices, which streamlines the setup process.

  • Cost: Keeping your budget in mind will always be crucial, regardless of the tool you’re choosing. Make sure you’re only paying for features that you’ll use, which means you should be on the lookout for custom pricing, which will ensure the tool you choose will be priced based on the specifications of your business.

  • Powerful integrations: You’ll want a platform that seamlessly fits into your current tech stack and workflows. A tool that supports integrations can fill in functionality gaps that you’re desired tool may not include.

4 Best user feedback tools

1. UXCam

Best for powerful mobile app behavior analytics

product intelligence platform tool uxcam

UXCam website

UXCam is a “single source of truth for mobile app user behavior.”  Our mature and lightweight SDK has been developed and refined over 9 years and is trusted by over 37,000 global brands. Many businesses have enjoyed exponential sales increases after using UXCam for the most accurate user feedback analytics.

Relevant Features

  • Session Replays and Heatmaps: With session replays and heatmaps, you can look at how users interact with your app, helping you identify areas of friction with rage gestures and pinpoint bugs and issues which are preventing users from achieving their objectives within your app.

  • Customizable dashboards: Create customizable and non-techie dashboards to ensure your teams can track all business metrics in real-time for confident design decisions. 

  • Autocapture: Our auto-capture feature uses one line of code to automatically track all your customer’s in-app interactions, including gestures, for meaningful user feedback analysis.

  • Segmentation: Segment your customer groups with a variety of filters, including new users, loyal customers, and even those on the verge of churning. 


user feedback tool pricing uxcam

We offer flexible pricing for businesses of all sizes. You can start a free 14-day trial today without handing over your credit card details.


  • Powerful app integrations

  • Specially designed for mobile apps 

  • Excellent customer service team


  • No pricing details are available on the site

2. SurveyMonkey

Best for creating online surveys

surveymonkey user feedback tool

SurveyMonkey is a leading survey and feedback tool. Their survey templates are designed to make it easy for your customers to complete, with a number of multiple-choice questions, which you can customize to your liking. The platform also streamlines feedback collection and results interpretation for actionable insights.

Relevant Features

  • Create surveys: Collaborate with your teams to create high-quality customized and on-brand surveys and forms.

  • Collect data: They offer on and offline collectors and a global respondent panel to make collecting feedback from your customer base easier.

  • Analyze results: Receive actionable insights with survey analysis to drive business growth.


surveymonkey user feedback tool pricing

SurveyMonkey has pricing plan information on their site for teams and individuals. For enterprises, consider contacting sales to arrange a demo and discuss your requirements.


  • Protects identifiable information

  • It makes category responses easy

  • Excellent survey branding and design options


  • Expensive

3. TypeForm

Best for conversial feedback collection

 user feedback tool typeform

TypeForm has multiple features to help you connect to your customers and gather user feedback using conversational techniques. Their products include VideoAsk to collect user feedback in an interactive and engaging way.

Relevant features

  • Forms and surveys: Encourage people to complete your forms by keeping questions conversational.

  • Video interactions: For face-to-face meetings with your customers, where you can obtain more detailed user feedback.

  • Integrations: Integrate conversations with the apps you’re using, including Slack and Hubspot.


 user feedback tool typeform pricing

Typeform has 4 plans, including a Freemium. You’ll receive a 16% discount when choosing to pay annually.


  • Survey questions are displayed individually

  • Interactive quiz templates

  • Beautiful and easy-to-use UI


  • Many features are locked behind a paywall

4. Qualaroo

Best for contextual customer insights


Qualaroo is for automated research to survey your app users at the perfect moment. For responses 10 times more useful than email surveys, capture contextual user feedback on what your users think and feel about your app. 

Relevant features

  • Sentiment Analysis: This feature saves time reviewing the feedback so teams can focus on the right customers. 

  • Exit Surveys: Learn why your potential customers don’t convert.

  • Question Branching: Offer questions based on previous responses with a survey.


Contextual Surveys:

Untitled (22)

Email Surveys:

Untitled (23)

Contextual + Email Surveys:

Untitled (24)

Qualaroo lets you try a plan free for 15 days and save 20% when you pay annually.


  • Create surveys in minutes with an intuitive survey creator

  • Embed surveys easily without requiring code

  • Affordable pricing


  • Lacks industry-specific templates

Why are user feedback tools essential?

A report found that 77% of consumers think highly of brands when they proactively seek and apply customer feedback. And here are three other main reasons:

Supports data-driven decisions

The secret to a thriving business is to focus on satisfactory in-app experiences, and user feedback tools help product teams to pinpoint what keeps your customers happy and loyal and build apps around their users.

UXCam automatically collects the best user feedback data there is—observational.  Our session replays, heatmaps, and journey analysis allow you to step into your customer’s shoes to witness what delights and frustrates them. This valuable insight supports UI design enhancements and new features. 

Understand why customers churn

The data collected by customer feedback tools can help teams understand why customers stop using their apps. Whether it's through session replays to show a common issue with a particular stage in the journey; or by asking customers to complete a feedback form just as they’re about to leave. The best tools highlight the opportunities teams must prioritize to reduce churn and boost retention.

Automates feedback collection 

Collecting user feedback manually can be extremely tedious, especially if you’re gathering most of the feedback through channels like review sites, emails, or social media. 

With user feedback tools, you can automate this process completely. Whether it’s through session recording and tracking or automatically sending surveys at key moments during a customer’s journey, these tools can help make the process of gathering user feedback simple. 

Consider UXCam for Powerful User Feedback

User feedback help teams evaluate how customers feel about their apps. They can offer insight into the features, functions, and flows resulting in the most and least conversions and what causes people to churn. For a comprehensive picture of your CX, consider tools offering qualitative and quantitative feedback.

UXCam is powerful in mobile app analytics. You’ll learn how your apps are received and how to make them better for your target customers. See how we can support your user feedback and overall product design strategies with a free trial or demo.

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Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

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