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UX Insights Examples - Ideas to Improve User Retention


4 January, 2024

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

UX insights examples

UX insights are “actionable opportunities based on research and business goals.” It interprets raw data and findings in context to help you understand your customer’s in-app needs and wants. With 85% of users wanting a mobile experience as good as a desktop experience, UX insights help product teams deliver on this.

The UXCam platform is trusted by leading mobile app brands for powerful UX insights and behavior analysis. Read on for examples of UX insights you can incorporate into your design strategy for better user engagement and retention.

Heatmaps and click tracking

UX Insights - Heatmaps and click tracking

Heatmaps are a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data,  representing how users interact with UI elements using thermal-coded graphical data. The varying color hues show the user’s fluctuating activity. Typically, the primary colors are red, yellow, and green. Hotter colors, like red, indicate high activity, while cooler colors indicate less activity.

With heatmap insight, you can:

  • Learn how intuitive users find your app 

  • Identify areas of your UI that are the most and least engaging

  • Pinpoint UI elements that are causing frustration among users

Many UX insight tools like UXCam offer interactive heatmaps, where you can view screen stats and session replays for more context.

Click tracking or click maps highlight where your users tap and the length of time spent interacting with UI elements. This is another valuable tool to track the most and least successful CTAs and overall on-page engagement.

A/B testing results

UX Insights AB Testing Results

A/B testing insights let teams compare two app design versions (A and B) to learn which is best for customer engagement, conversions, and overall app stickiness. Your audience can be segmented into more than two groups for deeper behavioral insight and to discover the design that best aligns with user expectations.  

Besides learning what works for different audiences, this method helps improve your KPIs and compare the impact of new features.

Error tracking and monitoring

blog inline - kpis for cpos- crash report

Your mobile app's performance is critical for customer satisfaction and retention, especially as poor performance leads to higher rates of churn. Error tracking and error monitoring allow your teams to keep on top of issues and address them before they affect UX.

UXCam’s crash analytics helps you investigate crashes and UI freezes. We collect data from user sessions to show you exactly when errors occurred, and the number of users affected. And, as we’ve integrated session replays into our crash analytics, you’ll be able to pinpoint precisely how these crashes happen. This allows product teams to reduce the amount of trial and error when recreating the environments that led to the issue, leading to quicker resolution times.

User retention and churn 

Product analytics dashboard in UXCam

User retention indicates continued product use and is an essential measurement of app growth. It looks at the percentage of first-time customers who continue using your app within, typically, one month or one week.  

The churn rate will form part of your retention rate. It’s the percentage of customers who stop using your app or the loss of subscribers within a given period. Customer churn is inevitable. Depending on whether you measure by revenue or customers, a 5-7% annual churn rate is considered reasonable.

UXCam helps you retain customers by segmenting them into new, loyal, and users losing interest. You’ll be able to identify the behaviors and trends that link users within these groups. Compare the differences between low and high-lifetime value groups for granular UX insights.

User pain-points

UX insights - user painpoints

In-app user pain points are the issues, bottlenecks, and friction points experienced by users during their journey. For example, a lengthy and complicated checkout process would significantly impact your bottom line and cause users to churn when they can’t get what they need using your app. Finding out and addressing hindrances will enhance usability and UX.

Luckily, our tool makes it super easy to uncover pain points. You can see the user’s journey through their eyes with end-to-end session replays and heatmaps to learn confusing UX design and readability problems. Our Autocapture feature allows you to view screen data and filter metrics like quit rate and rage taps.

UX insights - FAQ

What are UX insights?

UX insights are actionable opportunity information based on UX research and business context. They help teams learn the user’s perception of an app and how they interact with it. UX insights can be used for all manner of processes, including developing a better understanding of users and informing design decisions that will positively impact these users.

UXCam offers a comprehensive range of UX insight data based on precise user interaction, which we’ll explore later. Consider using our interactive, easy-to-use, and customizable dashboards to track your KPIs for confident UI design decisions. We’ll help you bridge the gap between data and decision-making by analyzing complex data and delivering quick answers to your questions regarding your user's behavior.

We collect genuine and undisturbed in-app user interactions thanks to our market-leading SDK. Let the numbers speak for themselves to mitigate insight bias and incorrect quality assessment.

Why are UX insights important?

In a nutshell, UX insights are essential for the in-app interaction context understanding required to make design decisions that drive app growth and lifetime value. In addition, they will:

  • Reduce development costs: Launching an app that doesn’t meet your customer’s requirements is expensive. Using UX insights early and often throughout app design ensures your design provides the features and functionality your customers want exactly how they want them. Addressing design issues early saves on redevelopment costs.

  • Reduce app churn:  App churn is unavoidable, with 80% of all app users churning within three months. Learning the common in-app touch points that cause churn is incredibly valuable. You’ll be able to identify the areas of your app that work and those that could use some improvement. This will help product teams remove friction points, create an engaging in-app experience, and improve customer satisfaction overall. 

  • Help you stand out from your competitors: Many businesses still need to be convinced of the benefit of UX research, with only 55% conducting UX testing. Get ahead of the mobile apps in your industry by being one of the few businesses to benefit from UX insights.

Get real UX insights with UXCam

UX insights is the information you get from analyzing UX research results. They are the starting point to finding solutions based on your users' needs and necessary to support hypotheses for new designs. 

UXCam offers real UX insight by collecting authentic in-app behavior. Our established, battle-tested, and lightweight SDK silently collects the data you’ll need without disturbing the user’s experience for the most accurate UX insights in the business.

Experience why the world's best mobile app product teams trust us for their UX insights by signing up for a free trial today.

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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Growth Manager

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