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Call to Action - CTA | Definition

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What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

The term CTA stands for "Call to Action" and is often used in UX and marketing.

A CTA should stimulate the user to perform a desired action.

In a mobile app, you can find CTAs e.g. in mobile ads, in e-commerce apps, on login screens.

CTAs often have a design that stands (e.g. contrasting colors and bold letters). A good CTA should never go unnoticed and should be clearly recognizable for the user. Besides the design, it should be clear and easy to understand.

Why is a Call To Action (CTA) Important?

CTAs are used to address users directly and give them the decisive impulse to buy a product, sign in or take another intended action.

They help you to move users down the conversion funnel. Without a CTA, users might not know which step to take next or where to finish a task.

Typical CTA Examples

  • Sign-Up

  • Register

  • Buy

  • Order

  • Share

  • Follow

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