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What is Slack?

Slack is a central platform which allows you to work together with your team. It is a chat room for your whole company, designed to reduce emails and easily communicate in the team.

Furthermore, Slack allows you not just to join your company but also to connect with similar interest groups or join existing working groups to increase your reach.

What functionalities does Slack offer?

Slack allows you to work together as effectively as if you were working in the same room.

The main functionalities include:

  • Create channels and groups for different workspaces within the organization

  • Write messages to individual team members (direct messages) or in groups (channels) and exchange files

  • Searchable history

  • Video calls through Slack and screen sharing, both with one other person or a team

  • Connect Slack with other apps to complete many tasks directly in Slack without having to open all separate apps

Benefits of using Slack

You probably ask yourself why you should use another tool besides emails, phone or Zoom? Because it changes the way of communication and simplifies it a lot!

  • All communication in one place: Slack combines email, group chats and telephone in one workspace. You also can share files in Slack. All the content is in one place.

  • Integration with other services and apps: A lot of apps can be integrated into Slack (e.g., Github and Trello). With this, you don’t even need to open the apps to perform different tasks. You can do everything in Slack. You can find the full list of apps you can integrate here.

  • Telephone function: Slack is not just able to write messages and share files. You also can call one person or start group calls. To make it more personal, you can choose the option to start video calls. Moreover, Slack allows you to share your screen.

  • Increase your reach: When it comes to promoting your content or finding people in your branch, Slack can be a great solution. Just join other open Slack channels in the same branch, connect with other people, increase your network, and share your ideas or your content.

  • Code snippets: Especially for the development team it is a great advantage to be able to share and test code snippets in Slack.

  • Slack app: You can use Slack on every device. They don’t just offer the version in the browser but also apps for your computer and for mobile. You can be reachable everywhere and anytime. This is particularly great when you communicate with people in different time zones.

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