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The Complete SDK Map 2022

The Complete SDK Map 2022

The right or wrong mobile SDK can make your app run smoothly or fail. We’ve crafted an SDK map with the best among 11 categories.

April 6, 2022 by Annemarie Bufe

mobile app sdk map

Whether you design, code, test or analyze an app, you need different SDKs for different tasks.

Some SDKs have an overlap in functionality, while others are specific to one single task. The right or wrong SDK can make your app run smoothly or fail.

Google released the Google Play SDK Index at Google I/O. This is a great resource for developers who want to know whether the SDK is right for their business and users.

We've also mapped out all the major players on the market for you. We want to introduce you to the mobile app SDK map — inspired by userinterviews.com — an easy-to-understand visualization of the most important mobile app SDKs, categorized into four main categories and 11 subcategories. You can see at a glance which SDKs support more than one task.

Mobile App-SDK-Map-2021-2png

Secondly, we have created an SDK guide. We’ve preselected the best among 11 categories from the large number of existing SDKs. Each of them is worth a trial.

Click here to download the complete SDK Guide 2022.

Download this guide and bring your app one step closer to viral success!

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