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Gamification | Definition

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What is gamification?

Gamification is the implementation of game design, game mechanics and game elements in non-game context (e.g., in e-learning apps).

The goal is an increase in motivation and retention. Gamification does not refer exclusively to the mobile industry. You can apply game design principles to almost anything.

Why is gamification important?

Gamification can have positive benefits on in-app user behavior:

  • Increased user engagement (e.g., learner engagement in e-learning apps)

  • Evokes fun and interactive feelings

  • Increase in user motivation

If an app manages to drive its gamification system to perfection, it’ll have a system in place that’ll get users to keep coming back consistently.

Example of gamification

Duolingo is a great example of a language learning app that includes gamification elements.

Language learning, in general, is not game-related. The app Duolingo wraps language learning into a playful environment.

The UI is very clean but includes colorful and playful elements. With every correct answer you get points, with every false answer you lose a heart.

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