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Get a 360-degree view of user behavior

Get a powerful visual narrative of how individual users are engaging with your app, their core behaviors, and reasons for frustration and drop-offs.
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Master your in-app user journey

Get a complete qualitative perspective of how users engage with your app. Follow their journey through chronological session replays, understand behavior patterns, and uncover opportunities for UX improvement.

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Uncover the source of negative feedback

Getting a lot of negative app reviews and uninstalls lately? Easily zoom in on user segments that had less than ideal in-app experiences by using our advanced user search and filtering capabilities.

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Get insights into individual user behavior

In one single view, get the most relevant engagement & frustration metrics for each individual user. Easily group this data with any set of user/device properties to create visualizations and perform additional analysis.

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Identify the biggest app UX bottlenecks

With screen flow, you get a clear overview of how each of your users navigate through different sections of the app. Easily identify the bottlenecks that lead to drop-offs, along with validating the results of key design decisions.

What our customers say

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"UXCam helps us to identify potential friction points during our order flow that could cause users not to complete an order. Based on that, we make adjustments targeted at those friction points to streamline our flows and increase our conversion rates."


Luis Bitencourt-Emilio

Chief Product Officer

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"We've been using UXCam regularly and found it especially helpful as we introduced a new user flow within our app recently. The video tool even helped us to uncover a bug that was occurring within the new flow, so that in particular was a huge win with using the product!"


Erin Mayer

Product Manager

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See through your users' eyes

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