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The Flutter mobile app analytics tool: UXCam


12 February, 2023

Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

Flutter Mobile App Analytics

The best mobile app analytics tool for Flutter is UXCam. In this article, we are going to explain how UXCam optimizes its SDK for Flutter apps, what its benefits are, and the next steps you can take to set up UXCam for your Flutter app today.

Benefits of UXCam’s mobile analytics for Flutter apps

user flow uxcam

The 4 key benefits of using UXCam for your Flutter apps are:

  1. Easy integration with Flutter

  2. Flutter-Optimized SDK

  3. Robust support and documentation

  4. Detailed insights into app performance

Easy integration with Flutter

One of the benefits of UXCam is its easy integration with Flutter apps. UXCam provides a simple, no-hassle integration with Flutter apps to give you an efficient and effective way of tracking the performance of your mobile apps. 

With only a few lines of code required for implementation, your project can be up and running in record time. The UXCam SDK can be easily added to your Flutter project, and once it is set up, you can start tracking user behavior and app events immediately. 

UXCam's user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure and customize tracking to suit the specific needs of your app. This means that you can focus on what you do best – developing great apps – while UXCam takes care of the analytics.

Here are UXCam’s developer docs for Flutter.

Flutter-Optimized SDK: Designed to work with Widgets

UXCam’s SDK was developed to be Flutter-friendly. That’s why it has features that competitors do not. 

Automatic data capture

UXCam's Flutter SDK takes the hassle out of data capture - our advanced screen-capturing capabilities enable the automated collection of app usage data with no manual setup. Capture invaluable insights into your users' experience, effortlessly.

Automatic screen tagging

With this feature, developers can take advantage of automated detection that captures all individual Flutter app screens without any extra code required - making monitoring easier and more efficient.

Widget occlusion capability 

User privacy is a crucial aspect of app analytics, and you must ensure that sensitive user data is not recorded or stored in your apps. To address this concern, UXCam's Flutter SDK provides a feature that enables developers to occlude specific widgets from the recording for personally identifiable information (PII) reasons.

Robust support and documentation

UXCam offers robust support and documentation for its Flutter SDK. We provide comprehensive documentation that covers the installation, setup, and usage of the Flutter SDK, including sample codes and step-by-step guides. 

Updates are regularly communicated for any changes or new features added within the SDK itself - ensuring users are always kept up-to-date! Furthermore, our support team via email and chat ensures anyone needing assistance receives attention quickly in order to troubleshoot issues successfully.

Detailed insights into app performance

UXCam offers an extensive range of insights to help improve user experience, from session recordings and touch heatmaps to user flows. Our touch heatmaps provide a visual representation of how users interact with specific elements within Flutter apps, allowing you to identify areas for improvement even easier. 

User flows illustrate the journey taken by each individual as they use your app - this enables you to understand which features are being utilized most efficiently (or inefficiently) so that valuable changes can be made accordingly. 

Ultimately, UXCam leads to data-driven decision-making and enables informed choices when it comes down to optimizing the usability of any given feature!

Overview of UXCam as a mobile app analytics tool for Flutter

UXCam enables you to gain a valuable understanding of user behavior, with a comprehensive view of how people interact within Flutter apps.

Dashboards & auto-capture: With UXCam, you automatically track vital metrics such as screen views, touch events, and app crashes. Get a clear overview of how users are engaging with your apps.

Flutter mobile app analytics: events and dashboard

Heatmaps and session recordings: Uncover opportunities for growth - understand exactly how your users interact with your product and pinpoint areas where you can make valuable improvements.

Flutter mobile app analytics: heatmaps

Funnel Analytics: With UXCam's funnel analytics feature, you can gain valuable insight into where your users are encountering difficulty in your app. This allows you to quickly identify and resolve any potential bottlenecks in user experience with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in an improved overall flow.

Flutter mobile app analytics: funnels

Crash Analytics: UXCam's crash analytics empowers developers by providing critical insights into the origin of app crashes. This detailed information includes stack traces and a full view of user sessions before any issues, enabling them to quickly pinpoint bugs- enhancing stability and UX for users alike.

Flutter mobile app analytics: crash issue

Event Analytics: UXCam's event analytics feature allows you to track custom events and user actions within your app. This will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of specific user behaviors, such as clicking a button or making a purchase, and how they impact the overall user experience.

Flutter mobile app analytics: user journey

Example: Flutter app that uses UXCam for analytics

Recora helps heart procedure patients recover in a virtual environment from home.

Recora Flutter case study

After an exhaustive search for a HIPPA-compliant analytics tool with Flutter implementation support, the Recora team found their perfect fit in UXCam. Following thorough conversations to ensure all requirements were met, they expressed immense satisfaction and trust in this solution:

I really felt like we were being listened to, we moved through contracting so quickly. It was one of the easiest platforms we’ve ever had to implement.

- Emma Cancelliere Stanton, Head of Product, Recora

Through UXCam’s analytics, Recora has been able to identify individual user issues and act accordingly. For instance, if an app user appears struggling in their attempts to upload a photo into the food journal section of the application - but eventually discontinues trying - Recora's team is quick on its feet and reaches out promptly with step-by-step instructions tailored specifically for them.

After implementing UXCam, Recora has seen: 

  • A 142% decrease in the number of support tickets related to UX issues

  • The need for hardware returns from 1/3 of all devices has been eliminated

  • 30% fewer rage taps 

We had some breadcrumbs but we couldn’t get to the root of the problem. It felt like half the story was missing and I think that half really is those events and ability to see the sessions.


The benefits of using UXCam for Flutter include easy integration, Flutter-optimized SDK, robust support and documentation, and detailed and actionable insights into app performance. UXCam offers powerful features for Flutter apps, such as dashboards, heatmaps and session recordings, funnel analytics, crash analytics, and event analytics. 

Recommendations for Flutter app developers and product managers

Because of its optimized Flutter SDK, UXCam is an essential tool for Flutter app developers and product managers looking to optimize their mobile apps. Our powerful platform enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, thanks to features such as session recordings, touch heatmaps and user flows. 

UXCam's data-driven insights inform design & development decisions, enabling you to easily identify areas that need improvement - which ultimately provides your customers with the best possible experience! Moreover, UXCam’s easy Flutter integration makes incorporating it into analysis processes effortless. Get started with UXCam for free today.

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Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

UX, marketing & product nerd. Coffee enthusiast. Working at UXCam.

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