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Top 5 Product Intelligence Platforms 2024


2 August, 2023

Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

top product intelligence platforms

Product intelligence tools collect in-app user data to answer vital questions for user-centered product strategies. Their granular insights help bridge the gaps between data and design decisions.

UXCam delivers the best product intelligence experience, so teams can confidently make the right design decision based on a 360-degree understanding of their users. Today we’ve selected another 5 tools for reliable and comprehensive product intelligence.

What is a product intelligence platform?

A product intelligence platform automatically collects and leverages customer data and your app’s performance. By integrating this tool into your design workflows, teams better understand users and, thus, deliver exceptional CX and UX, increase customer satisfaction, and build competitive apps.

Why are product intelligence platforms important?

There are numerous benefits to product intelligence platforms; here are just a few:

It helps teams build high-quality product experiences

The customer data and deep user understanding developed by teams help build apps that deliver high-quality experiences, value and are intuitive. For example, 25% of users desert an app after using it once. This might identify that a product needs better onboarding services, which could have kept those users onboard.

Platform intelligence tools allow you to collect plenty of user data to ensure you can provide the product experiences that they deserve.

Assists in profitable data collection and analysis

The data pulled makes it easier for businesses to understand how profitable their operations are. For example, according to a study by Deloitte, companies that implement Product Intelligence technology are 38% more likely to see better financial results.

Additionally, good product intelligence provides centralized user data for effective collaboration across your teams. You’ll receive real-time information to help you make the right design decisions.

Accelerates innovation and keeps companies current 

Product intelligence tools provide insight for continuous app originality. With constant visibility of how users interact with your product, small launches with new features can make innovation occur more often. The data supports better business decisions for product evolution and staying relevant.

Enhances quality management and keeps you competitive

Quality control is maintained, and apps are made to specific specs, making monitoring development metrics and product KPIs easier.

In addition, your competitiveness increases. In the app world, a minor tweak from your competitor could reduce your app's prominence if you don’t keep on top of your customers’ needs.

Best product Intelligence platforms

Here's a quick rundown of the platforms we'll discuss.

  1. UXCam - Best for mobile app product intelligence

  2. Heap – Best for simple cross-platform analytics.

  3. Pendo - Best for employee software.

  4. Amplitude - Best for optimizing business value.

  5. Indicative - Best for connecting to your data warehouse.

  6. PostHog - Best for open-source analytics.


Best For mobile app product intelligence

product intelligence platform tool uxcam

UXCam website

UXCam is a mobile analytics and product intelligence app, that lets you collect useful data on how users interact and progress through your mobile apps. We provide a host of qualitative and quantitative analytics, including customer journey timelines, heatmaps, and more! 

Key Features

  • Session Replays: With UXCam, you can see exactly how users interact with your app, identifying the most popular aspects of your app, and also showing you the pages that cause users to bounce off your app, allowing you to develop solutions to keep them onboard.

session replay product intelligence platform tool
  • Customer Funnels: Track your users’ journey throughout conversion funnels, allowing you to identify areas which are causing bottlenecks, and measure the effectiveness of any fixes.

funnels analytics product intelligence
  • Comprehensive Dashboards: Consolidate all of your customer data into one clean, and easy to use dashboard. Data analysis and collaboration is streamlined, allowing you to pinpoint areas of improvement much quicker. 

Dashboard Product intelligence uxcam


With UXCam, you can access the free 14-day trial, allowing you to get familiar with our platform before putting any money down (though we’re certain you’ll see our worth after the 14-days are up!). We offer two priced plans, but you’ll need to request a demo to get a quote. Our prices are personalized for each of our clients based on their own unique needs, so you’ll only be paying for what you require. 

pricing plan product intelligence platform


  • Comprehensive mobile analytics platform

  • Feature rich and easy-to-use

  • Session replays and heatmaps allow you to access granular user insights

  • 3,000 sessions available for the free-trial


  • Can take a short time to set up all funnels and dashboards


Best for simple cross-platform analytics

Heap Product Intelligence

Heap offers a comprehensive understanding of your user's journeys for all-inclusive app experiences. With Heap, you'll get automated, unified, and flexible mobile analytics for lucrative mobile experiences.

Key Features

  • Heatmaps: Use their data-rich heatmaps to see which areas of your design stand out more to your users and which are ignored or go unnoticed.

  • Segments: Group your users based on in-app behavior patterns for more engaging experiences.

  • Charts: Delve into your user's behavior with Heap's analysis modules designed to help you enhance their journey focusing on areas for the most ROI. 


Untitled (2)

Heap has 4 packages; the pricing is unavailable on their site, so consider contacting them for details.


  • Heap makes it easier to focus on the main pain points

  • Great help documentation

  • Excellent data visualizations


  • The onboarding process could be more straightforward


4.3 /5 across 918 reviews


Best for employee software

Untitled (3)

Pendo delivers a centralized suite of tools for product, customer success, IT, and marketing teams to build innovative apps for customers and employees. Their product intelligence data support teams in designing employee apps to help them do their best.

Key Features

  • SaaS Portfolio Insights: Use employee experience data for internal alignment and identify usage trends to support IT strategies.

  • In-app Guides: Deliver more value to customers through personalized in-app guidance.

  • Feedback: Understand what your customers want using analyzed customer feedback.


Plans to get you started:

Untitled (4)

Plans to scale:

Untitled (5)

Pendo’s start and scale plans are designed to help you scale as you grow. You can get started for free, but you must request pricing for the scale plans.


  • Good onboarding process

  • Data Explorer tool is ideal for reports

  • Frequent new feature releases


  • Expensive


4.5 /5 across 210 reviews


Best for optimizing business value

Untitled (6)

Amplitude is the number one product analytics solution and has been chosen by 24 product teams out of the Fortune 100, including Shopify, PayPal, and Atlassian. With Amplitude, teams can use data and analytics to tell stories about their customers and how feature changes impact them.

Key Features

  • Customer Data Platform: Their CDP is the only one natively integrated with analytics. Use it to enhance your data quality and find new audiences.

  • Dashboard: Access centralized information for your most important metrics across teams for easy monitoring.

  • Behavioral Graph: Get all your analytics and personalization data from a cutting-edge digital behavior database.


Amplitude offer plans to meet your goals across 4 areas:

  • Analytics

  • Audiences

  • Experiment

  • Customer Data Platform

Here are the features you can access on the Analytics set:

Untitled (7)

Contact their sales team for all pricing information.


  • Great customer support

  • Generous free tier

  • Action-driven behavior insights


  • Slight learning curve


4.5 / 5 across 1,984 reviews


Best for connecting to your data warehouse

Untitled (8)

Indicative connects straight to your data warehouse or mobile app. It leverages historical data so your teams learn your target customers better for optimized acquisition, feature adoption, and confident forecasting.

Key Features

  • Multipath Funnel: This feature provides granular customer journey data like purchase journey performance analysis.

  • People Insights: Investigate a user’s journey and interaction to understand behavior for exceptionally personalized segments.

  • Cohort Analysis: Use behavioral groups to pinpoint the features that deliver the most customer engagement and retention. 


Untitled (9)

Indicative keeps pricing simple with 3 plans, including a free trial plan with 14 days of free access.


  • Great for non-techie teams

  • Excellent customer support

  • High-quality reporting


  • Navigation can be confusing


4.3 /5 across 126 reviews 


Best for open-source product intelligence

Untitled (10)

PostHog is an open-source all-in-one platform that helps engineers enhance their products. Their features enable teams “to analyze, test, observe, and deploy new features.”

Key Features

  • Session Replay: Use session recordings to learn how users interact with your app. Available on iOS only for now.

  • A/B Testing: Randomly experiment by testing two or more versions of your app screens to compare which is better at driving business metrics.

  • CDP: PostHog offers 60+ data connection options, with more on the way.


Untitled (11)

PostHog provides a free and paid plan. Their free plan comes with generous limits and is free forever— unless you exceed them. Or you can opt for the paid plan; it offers access to everything, and you pay for your usage.


  • Clean and intuitive DAU and MAU dashboards

  • Easy daily metrics tracking

  • Community support


  • Sometimes live events may take a while to load


4.3 /5 out of 305 reviews

Consider UXCam for the best user data accuracy

Product intelligence apps deliver the user data teams need to deeply understand their target customers and design great in-app experiences.

Learning user behavior on an intricate level is our specialty here at UXCam. Our SDK is the best in the business, so product teams feel assured they’ll see the results they want from their design decisions.

Start using UXCam today for free and see why so many prominent mobile brands trust us.


Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

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