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8 Important Product Management Templates for Mobile App Teams


12 September, 2023

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Product Management Templates

Product management templates are precious time savers. 

They give you a headstart in organizing your product management process details for each project stage—every time you start one. The various types of PM templates are designed to ensure a smooth transition from the drawing board to product launch.

There are tons of PM templates out (some better than others). To help you find the good ones quickly, the UXCam team has compiled a list of our top eight picks.

Read on to find out which product management templates are best for mobile app teams.

Product strategy template

The product strategy defines how your mobile app will support the business strategy. It guides the team in planning and development until product launch. Your template should clarify what the team is working towards and why.

ClickUp’s product strategy template makes it easy for ClickUp account holders to plan and visualize their product strategy. You can see releases and develop agreements across decision-makers using consolidated product details and accountability.

Product strategy template - clickup


Click here to access the template.

Product requirements document (PRD) template

A PRD communicates the app’s requirements and capabilities. It outlines the scope of features and functionality that must be included and excluded in the app release to be considered a finished app. PRDs are designed to ensure nothing is forgotten and that all bases are covered.

Furthermore, PRDs assist in easier collaboration with design and engineering teams by outlining details like assumptions, core user stories, and UX design.

Product Requirement Document Template


Here’s a simple, free PRD template for Word to get started. Click here to download it.

Brainstorming and ideation template

The brainstorming and ideation phase generates design suggestions from different angles using sketches, prototyping, brainstorming, worst possible ideas, and many other techniques.

Scamper Model

The Scamper Model, for example, is a great brainstorming technique to help resolve persistent issues. It’s intended to help teams overcome creative blocks by encouraging them to think through the matter thoroughly. It unlocks innovative ways of understanding problems.

Miro’s brainstorming and ideation templates streamline online collaboration. Their range includes concept maps, brainwriting, idea funnel backlog, and card sorting templates.

Brainstorming and ideation Template

Click here to get started.

Roadmapping and planning template

Roadmap and planning templates help pinpoint critical product milestones and present a high-level recap of approaching app features. An Agile roadmap is an influential document that makes it easier to ensure your product launch stays on track in managing key milestones. It proficiently walks the line between the customer and business needs. 

Atlassian offers a comprehensive road mapping template to help your mobile app idea transform into reality. 

Roadmapping Template

Click here to use this template.


Product backlog template

Your product backlog stores all the potential app features for easy prioritization and dependency tracking. 

Product Backlog Template


Airfocus offers a R.I.C.E (Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort) template for powerful evaluation and prioritization. The RICE framework helps avoid feature bias and will encourage your team to consider the work required for your app to make an impact.

Click here to try this template.

User story mapping template

User story mapping helps your teams focus on business value and the product features your customers want. The benefits include identifying the touchpoints of the customer’s journey and visualizing and managing your product backlog the Agile way. Miro’s user story map template allows teams to collaborate on user stories using an interactive whiteboard.

User story mapping template


Click here to use this template.

S.W.O.T analysis template

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) template is a common template for 

strategic planning. Product managers use them to comprehensively understand internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) factors influencing app success.

Swot Analysis Templates


Most SWOT analysis templates allow you to customize the information and layout, and Aha! has several SWOT analysis templates to choose from. Consider their SWOT analysis for interactive SWOT analysis via a virtual whiteboard.

Product launch template

Product Launch template


A product launch template makes meeting product launch deadlines almost a piece of cake by bridging cross-functional teams and viewing launch updates in one place. It allows more time to focus on strategy and the launch instead of managing details.

Asana provides an excellent product launch template that allows stakeholders to get involved with organizing a launch plan for everyone’s agreement. The template can be set in different views, including Boards, or in Gantt style to keep track of all deadlines and dependencies.

Click here to use this template.

Why use a product management template?

Product management templates can be reused to complete several tasks, milestones, or projects without the documentation from scratch.

Here are some other reasons why product teams find product management templates beneficial;

  • They help finish tasks quicker: Teams can begin working on tasks and milestones immediately and complete them earlier. For example, creating product management documentation is easier when using a template as a starting point for your basic layout and structure. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel!

  • Creates standardized processes: Templates help strengthen workflows and processes through a consistent and comprehensive framework for capturing and presenting product details using a standardized approach.

  • Enhances planning: When complete PM information is available from a structured framework or roadmap for planning, it doubles up as a helpful tool to plan project tasks, milestones, and contingencies. Product and project managers can identify potential risks and impediments early to prevent issues.

  • Better communication: PM templates help keep everyone in the loop. They encourage transparency and clear and effective communication among teams and stakeholders.

Use UXCam for post-launch success

Product management templates save time and ensure all details vital to a successful product launch are captured in a standardized way. But the real work begins after the go-live date when product teams need to ensure the app grows and continues to meet the user and business objectives.

UXCam takes over at this point. 

Our powerful mobile analytics suite has the features and functionality product teams need to learn user behavior on a granular level and see first-hand how they interact with the elements. Our dashboard and reports ensure you stay on top of  KPIs and easily share your post-launch success results with stakeholders.

mobile app KPIs for Teams

Find out how thousands of mobile app brands use our platform to keep their apps competitive through a demo or get started with a free trial.

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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