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Session Recording & Replay for React Native apps: UXCam


21 April, 2024

Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

React Native Mobile App Session Recording Replay Tool

When it comes to React Native mobile apps, the top session recording & replay tool is UXCam. With this powerful tool, you can uncover user behavior and interactions that provide invaluable insights into how well your product is working. Uncover the insights you need to maximize success - quickly and easily.

Benefits of UXCam’s session recording & replay in React Native

mobile app react native session replay

UXCam’s session replay offers multiple benefits for React Native apps.

  • With its optimized SDK for React Native, it gives you the tools you need to improve user experience and engagement rates.

  • Its session replay lets you quickly identify usability issues and bugs while reducing development time.

  • All backed by a great support team ready to help customize features according to your needs.

If you're looking for an effective way of creating engaging mobile apps using React Native, then UXCam is your best bet.

UXCam’s SDK is optimized for React Native

UXCam's cutting-edge SDK for React Native provides effortless integration with mobile apps, giving developers unprecedented insight into user behavior.

With features like session recording, heatmaps, and flow analysis – all highly customizable to meet specific needs - UXCam offers a comprehensive suite of analytics tools that offer deep insight into how users interact with your product.

Also included is a knowledgeable support team that goes above and beyond when it comes to helping out - they offer extensive documentation on implementation and are always ready to answer questions should you have them!

Improvement of User Experience

With session replay, React Native apps can tap into a powerful resource that offers unprecedented insight.

By taking note of how users interact with their app and find any potential issues they may face, it provides the necessary data to optimize user experience - leading to better engagement as well as improved retention rates.

Reduction of Development Time

With session replay, developers can optimize their development processes and save valuable time! This powerful data-gathering tool provides detailed insights into user behavior & preferences.

As a result, devs are able to quickly spot usability issues & bugs that could otherwise cause delays - ultimately leading to faster creation of React Native apps with fewer resources spent along the way.

Increase in App Engagement and Retention

Session replay can also increase app engagement and retention for React Native apps. By providing detailed insights into user behavior and preferences, session replay can help you optimize the user experience and make data-driven decisions to drive engagement and retention. Here are some ways that session replay can increase app engagement and retention for React Native apps:

  1. Optimizing User Flows: Session replay can help you optimize user flows by identifying areas where users are dropping off or experiencing difficulties. By improving the user flow, you can make it easier for users to complete desired actions and increase engagement and retention.

  2. Personalizing the User Experience: By observing user behavior, developers can identify user preferences and personalize the user experience. By tailoring the app to the specific needs and preferences of individual users, developers can increase engagement and retention.

  3. Improving Onboarding: Session replay can help developers optimize the onboarding process and increase engagement and retention. By identifying where users are getting stuck during onboarding, you can make it easier for users to get started with the app and increase engagement and retention.

Conversion analysis

UXCam's session replay tool offers a deep dive into conversion analysis. By replaying user sessions, teams can gain insights into user behavior, identify pain points, validate design changes, and enhance the overall user experience. 

Through direct navigation from funnels and heatmaps to session replays, our platform facilitates the identification of drop-off points, improving conversion rates by addressing reasons for user departure and keeping them engaged.

You can also filter sessions, allowing you to further streamline analysis by focusing on specific user interactions or issues. 

Additionally, UXCam tracks the impact of product launches by capturing all micro-interactions and showcasing how users engage with new features. Thus, you speed up the validation process for design decisions. Iteration just got a lot quicker.

Autocapture sessions

UXCam's Autocapture feature automatically records user sessions, facilitating swift analysis following each product launch. This enables teams to validate design decisions promptly by providing qualitative context to their data. With Autocapture, all user interactions are captured effortlessly with a single code snippet, reducing reliance on manual event tracking and saving time.

One significant benefit of Autocapture is its ability to collect data retroactively upon installation, allowing teams to analyze historical data without waiting for new information. This feature enhances reporting capabilities and provides valuable insights from the get-go. Usability issues are among the data we make available that may not be apparent in traditional reports or crash logs.

Moreover, UXCam's Autocapture integrates seamlessly with other tools, enabling teams to align around a single source of truth and resolve customer issues more efficiently.

By linking user sessions to support tickets and integrating with CRM and crash log tools like Salesforce, Intercom, Zendesk, and Firebase Crashlytics, teams can streamline their workflow and improve collaboration.

Furthermore, Autocapture allows for immediate tracking of user interactions from the moment of installation, providing insights into user behavior and app usage patterns from day one. This feature helps teams understand user journeys, identify screens visited, and track flows without manual instrumentation.

Uncover new ideas

UXCam’s session replay is a valuable tool for uncovering new ideas and improving app design and functionality by addressing points of frustration. Our session replays empower you to identify pain points, validate design changes, and enhance the overall user experience. Discovering roadblocks can inspire new ideas for improvement and refinement.

Moreover, watching session recordings enables teams to craft hypotheses for app enhancements, particularly in understanding user drop-off patterns to enhance conversion rates. The qualitative context provided by our platform aids in validating design decisions.

Additionally, UXCam facilitates the development of stable apps by applying advanced filters to pinpoint sessions causing frustrations. Teams can filter sessions for technical or UI issues, including events like crashes, rage taps, and UI freezes, and share app logs with developers for swift resolution. 

Get assistance from our support team

At UXCam, we boast a supportive team that goes the extra mile in assisting users, offering comprehensive documentation on implementation and prompt responses to inquiries. 

The best part? Our support team is always available with teams in Berlin, Germany; Kathmandu, Nepal; and San Francisco, USA. You can submit queries via our website or reach out directly through email or phone.

UXCam’s session recording & replay features for React Native

Session Recording: UXCam enables you to gain valuable insights into user behavior with the React Native app. Capturing gestures like taps, swipes, scrolls, and more – it records all interactions for easy replay anytime! Discover how your users interact so that you can optimize their experience.

Customizable recording settings: Achieve maximum optimization with custom settings. You have the ability to adjust factors such as duration limit, frame rate, and quality – all of which contribute towards improving performance while cutting down on data usage.

User identifiers: UXCam enables you to attach unique user identifiers, such as email addresses or user IDs, to each session recording, making it easier to identify and track user behavior.

Events timeline: Through the events timeline, you gain a unique glimpse into when and how users interacted during their session. It's like unlocking a time capsule of user engagement - enabling them to optimize performance in real-time!

react native session recording replay tool event timeline

User interaction analytics: Gain fresh insights into how your users interact with the app. Valuable metrics like time spent on each page, interactions with specific elements and complete user journeys give you an inside look at their experience - so that making improvements is easier than ever!

Offline session recording: Even when the device goes offline, no detail of a single experience will be lost - making sure nothing slips through the cracks. The session will be uploaded as soon as the devices is connected to the internet again.

How to Implement UXCam’s Session Recording in React Native

With just a few simple steps, you can quickly add UXCam's session recording to your React Native app. Get started by installing the SDK via npm or yarn — installation instructions are available on the UXCam website

Once installed, include your app key in your configuration file for initialization purposes and voila! Your React Native app is now equipped with user experience tracking capabilities provided by UXCam.


In conclusion, UXCam is the best session recording and replay tool for React Native. 

UXCam provides a comprehensive set of features for React Native developers to gain great insight into their users' behavior. With its optimized SDK, UXCam makes it simple to integrate the tool and capture in-depth session recordings, heatmaps, user flow analysis & conversion funnels – plus crash reporting and custom events all while protecting confidential data. A versatile range of uses makes this an invaluable addition to any app development strategy!

You can start with UXCam for free here.

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Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

UX, marketing & product nerd. Coffee enthusiast. Working at UXCam.

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