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Make data-driven decisions

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    Auto-capture events

    UXCam captures all interaction data without the need for event setup.

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    Track important KPI's

    All important KPI's are readily available on an easy-to-use dashboard.

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    Make teams data-driven

    Easily prepare reports from your data.

Iterate with Confidence

  • Auto-capture

    UXCam auto-captures every micro-interaction without the need for event setup.

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  • Get a 360° View of your User

    Get a complete picture of your users. Make intelligent decisions with a deep understanding of your users.

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  • Automatic Insights with Machine Learning

    UXCam analyzes micro-interaction level data to uncover customer frustration and provide insights.

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  • 3rd Party Integration

    Connect your analytics and BI tools, pairing you quantitative data with contextual session replay.

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What our customers say

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"UXCam helps us to identify potential friction points during our order flow that could cause users not to complete an order. Based on that, we make adjustments targeted at those friction points to streamline our flows and increase our conversion rates."


Luis Bitencourt-Emilio

Chief Product Officer

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"We've been using UXCam regularly and found it especially helpful as we introduced a new user flow within our app recently. The video tool even helped us to uncover a bug that was occurring within the new flow, so that in particular was a huge win with using the product!"


Erin Mayer

Product Manager

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