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Top 5 Best Customer Experience Tools 2024


18 May, 2023

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Best Customer experience tools

What features do you think make the best customer experience tools for mobile app products? With 2.87 million apps on Google Play and 1.96 million of the Apple App Store, mobile product teams have a lot of competition on their hands. Therefore, delivering the best customer experience should be top priority. 

What are the best customer experience tools?

The top five best customer experience (CX) tools and software reviewed in this article are UXCam, Segment, Zendesk, Gainsight, and Amplitude.

Whatever your priority, customer experience tools are the driving force behind successful mobile app campaigns. That’s why we’ve incorporated all of the above features, and more, into UXCam's mobile app analytics software. 

If you’re seeking the best customer experience tools to enhance your mobile app, look no further. Below, we are going through our top picks, their key features, pros and cons, and pricing.


UXCam is the first customer experience tool on our list. It’s a mobile analytics software that tracks the entire journey of your customers. Users can record sessions with videos and interactive heat maps to understand the customer experience and reduce app churn by analyzing problematic sessions to hone in on friction, determine the cause, and provide fixes.

UXCam Experience Analytics



There is a free version of UXCam, that records a generous 3,000 sessions per month. The Growth plan, however, delivers a greater depth of insights with features like customer data retention, heat maps, and third-party integrations. Get in touch with the UXCam team for pricing details. Or, request a UXCam demo


  • Quickly finds issues within apps

  • A demo and free trial available

  • Easy to set up and navigate

  • Out-of-the-box segments

  • Lightweight SDK


  • Limited support with Free and Growth plans

  • Some people have experienced slow loading times 

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Segment, as the name suggests, has a strong focus on segmenting data. It’s suitable for marketing, engineering, and product teams. Collect data across omni-channel campaigns and communicate with your customers over their preferred channels. 



  • Clear user journey templates

  • Integrates with various tools like Twitter, Salesforce, and Stripe

  • Transfer data to your data warehouse quickly

  • Developer toolkit delivers customizable data collection solutions


Segment has a free account option which allows you to collect data from two sources. It tracks up to 1,000 users per month and has over 400 integrations. The Team plan, on the other hand, costs $120/month. This lets you track up to 10,000 monthly visitors from unlimited sources. 


  • Easy to set up

  • Suitable for teams across multiple departments

  • Free version available

  • Multi-factor authentication for all plans

  • Comprehensive developer toolkit


  • Customer support is lacking

  • Customized integration can be tricky


Zendesk is a customer service software. It enables users to improve the customer experience by building knowledge bases, communities, and customer service portals. With Zendesk, your customer support team can track customer communication across multiple channels. You can also integrate the software with other tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce. 



  • Integrates with your existing tools

  • Keeps track of interactions on all channels

  • Easy to customize dashboards and charts

  • Use AI to answer customer queries

  • Pre-built conversation flow templates for live chats


Begin your Zendesk journey for $49/agent/month. This ‘Suit Team’ plan includes features like customer routing, 50 automated AI answers, and pre-built reporting and analytics. The most popular plan is the Suite Professional for $99/agent/month. This gives users access to advanced features, including live agent dashboards, community forums, and customizable dashboards. 


  • Available in different languages

  • Intuitive interface

  • Complete customer support software

  • Quick deployment

  • Responsive customer service tool


  • Price is steep

  • Some people have had technical issues with closing tickets


Gainsight CS offers customer success solutions for business growth, higher revenue, and higher product uptake. From the all-in-one platform, users can manage their customer onboarding processes, configure their workflows, and receive customer retention forecasts. Additionally, Gainsight CS promises to save you and your team time by automating customer interactions. 



  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • AI-generated health scores that predict growths

  • Uses NLP to track customer sentiment and feedback

  • Prioritize the most important actions


There are no prices on Gainsight’s website. Instead, the company encourages you to schedule a call for a free consultation. The CS Essentials Plus plan is ideal for growing businesses and includes Horizon AI Analytics, multi-step email automation, and capacity for 2,000 customers. 


  • Scales with your business

  • User-friendly interface

  • Lots of automation options

  • Customizable dashboards to suit customers


  • Expensive

  • Can be buggy


Amplitude collects and analyzes product data to improve customer experience on mobile apps. It provides analytics on customer actions and behaviors, which you can use to increase conversions and retention. Use Amplitude to build detailed customer profiles and segment your audience based on behaviors. 



  • Detailed behavioral graphs and journeys

  • Behavioral targeting for optimum personalization

  • Create custom funnels

  • Compare in-app actions based on different metrics


Amplitude Analytics has three plans; Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. You can access a demo of the Growth plan to get a feel for it before committing to a purchase. It includes an impressive number of features like A/B test analysis, multi-touch attribution, on-demand cohort syncs, and real-time syncs.  


  • Good training resourses

  • Generous amount of features

  • Lots of integrations including Amazon, Python SDK, and Salesforce

  • Tracks thousands of behaviors

  • Free plan and demo


  • Could do with more automation

  • Some features are quite complex

Choosing the right customer experience tool

What are customer experience (CX) tools?

Customer experience tools optimize the user journey to increase metrics like retention, engagement, and conversions. They process lots of customer data that businesses can use to strengthen the customer experience. 

Such data can include number of users, session length, and behavior tracking. In the case of customer experience tools for mobile app analytics, you can expect features like event tracking, autocapture, and issue analytics.  

Criteria to consider when choosing a CX tool

What criteria should you consider when you’re deciding between different customer experience tools? As leaders in mobile app analytics, we recommend three considerations when choosing your tools:

  • How easy it is to set up and use: If you’re not very tech-minded, the best solutions are out-of-the-box ones. It’s important that all teams can set up, navigate, and understand their dashboards with ease. 

  • Effective data management and analysis: Not all customer experience tools have the same level of data management and analysis. Some, for example, analyze customer sentiment and have lots of segmentation options. The best tools will give you a full picture of your app and the way users engage with it, with a host of analytic options which are easy to understand.  

  • Integrations: Third-party integrations add further layers of functionality to your customer experience tool. They can help you unify your data sets and streamline your processes. For example, some tools integrate with CRMs.

Choose UXCam for mobile app experience analytics

Your customer experience tool will make all the difference to customer satisfaction and retention. Choose your tool carefully to ensure it meets your team’s needs. Some are more focused on customer support, while others are more focused on analyzing the customer journey. 

UXCam's mobile analytics helps you analyze customer interaction and show you how users experience your app. The intuitive tool identifies friction within your application and shows you session recordings of the user’s experience. You can get started with UXCam today with a free trial.

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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