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LogRocket Session Replay - Feature Review & Best Alternative


1 July, 2024

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

LogRocket session replay

Wondering whether LogRocket’s session replay best fits your needs?

Did you know that despite there being over 80 apps on an average smartphone, less than half of these get used every month? 

On average, people use 9 apps daily and 30 apps monthly. For the most part, that means all your hard work developing an app goes by the wayside. In fact, 25% of apps are only used once after download.

So, how do you prevent this from happening to your app?

This is where session replay tools like LogRocket come into play. They help you understand user behavior. 

In this article , we will look at LogRocket’s session replay, its pricing, and review its pros and cons. Then, we will discuss why UXCam might be the best choice for your needs.

Helpful summary

  • Overview: LogRocket session replay records user sessions on web and mobile apps, providing insights into user behavior to improve mobile app development.

  • Why it matters: Understanding user behavior through session replays is crucial for identifying issues, enhancing usability, and ultimately increasing app retention rates.

  • Action points: Implement LogRocket or consider alternatives like UXCam to start recording and analyzing user sessions, focusing on user interactions and errors.

  • Further research: Explore detailed user journey analytics, heatmaps, and crash reporting for comprehensive user behavior insights.

Why listen to us?

At UXCam, we have hands-on experience tackling session replay challenges. Our insights come from extensive work, helping small businesses optimize user experience.

Want an example? By using our tool, Costa Coffee increased app user registrations by 15%, and JobNimbus doubled its app store rating, showcasing our expertise in leveraging session replay to boost engagement and performance​.

By solving these pain points, our clients have seen significant improvements in user satisfaction, driving better overall business outcomes.

Costa Coffee Testimonial

What is LogRocket session replay?

LogRocket session replay records videos of user sessions on your web or mobile app. This tool lets you see user journeys through the user’s eyes, which helps troubleshoot issues and improve user experiences. It supports various platforms, including:

  • Web applications

  • iOS applications

  • Android applications

LogRocket Session replay

Key features

LogRocket offers several key features designed to enhance user understanding:

  • Session Replay: Captures and replays user sessions with detailed insights, including DOM changes, network logs, and console logs.

  • Heatmaps and Scrollmaps: Visualize user interactions to identify areas of high engagement and potential issues.

  • Performance Monitoring: Track performance metrics like load times and resource usage to ensure smooth user experiences.

  • Error Tracking: Automatically detect and log errors with contextual information to facilitate quick resolution.

  • User Analytics: Offers in-depth analysis of user behavior, including funnel analysis and cohort analysis.

  • AI-Driven Insights: Uses AI to highlight the most impactful user issues and areas for improvement.

LogRocket pricing structure

LogRocket offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different business needs. The pricing starts with a free plan that includes 1,000 sessions per month and goes up to the Enterprise plan with custom pricing for organizations needing more than 1 million sessions per month. 

The paid plans start at $139 per month for the Team plan and $350 per month for the Professional plan, both with additional features like session replay, JavaScript error reporting, and detailed product analytics.

The Enterprise plan allows you to choose the number of sessions you need, making it suitable for larger organizations with specific requirements.

LogRocket Pricing

LogRocket session replay reviews


  • Comprehensive view of user activities.

  • Multiple tools for analysis and debugging.

  • Can be integrated with a wide range of other tools.


  • Can be pricey for startups and smaller teams.

  • Requires some technical know-how for initial setup.

Best LogRocket session replay alternative: UXCam

What is UXCam’s session replay?

UXCam is another powerful session replay tool designed specifically for mobile apps. Our platform offers similar features to LogRocket but many find it easier to use as well as more cost-effective. We offer a detailed and visual approach to analytics, making it easier for teams to optimize specific parts of the user experience.

Session Replay new UI

Key features 

  • Session Replay: Captures and replays user interactions to visualize user journeys.

  • Heatmaps: Visual representations of user interaction areas, highlighting engagement hotspots.

  • Event Tracking: Customizable tracking of user actions within the app.

  • Funnel Analysis: Identifies drop-off points to improve conversion rates.

  • User Segmentation: Custom Dashboards: Personalized views of data for different team needs.

  • API Access: Allows integration with other tools and hyper-specific segmentation for better insights.

  • Retention and Cohort Analysis: Analyzes user retention and compares behavior across different user groups.

UXCam pricing structure

UXCam offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different business needs. The Free plan allows up to 3,000 monthly sessions with basic features, while the Growth plan, with tailored pricing, offers additional functionalities like custom events, event analytics, and more funnels and dashboards. 

For larger organizations, the Enterprise plan provides advanced features such as API and CSV data export, structured onboarding support, and dedicated customer success management.

 Pricing is flexible, as we cater to both startups and Fortune 500 companies. All plans start with a free trial to give you a chance to test out session replay and other features.

UXCam Plans and Pricing

UXCam reviews


  • Easy to set up and navigate.

  • Tailored specifically for mobile app developers.

  • Generally more budget-friendly than other options.


  • Some advanced features are only available in higher-tier plans.

  • Fewer third-party integrations compared to competitors.

Logrocket vs UXCam: Overview


When it comes to session replay tools, both LogRocket and UXCam offer robust solutions. However, UXCam stands out due to its ease of use and mobile app focus. 

So, if you want to understand user behavior without a steep learning curve or high cost, UXCam is an excellent choice.

Ready to see for yourself? Try UXCam for free and discover how it can help you improve your app’s user experience today.

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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