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The Product & UX Virtual Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2022


26 July, 2021

Angela Gomez Sanchez
Ángela Gómez Sánchez
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Building, launching and scaling a product to the best standards cannot be done without leveling up your skills and network. Whether you’re a product manager, a UX designer, a marketer or a founder, these product and UX virtual conferences will provide you with the knowledge and energy boost needed to help your product reach its full potential.

Finding the right conference to attend can be quite the task in itself, so we’ve compiled this list to make it easy for you. Given the uncertainty we’re facing this year, focusing on virtual conferences will guarantee that you stay up to date with the latest industry trends no matter what. All that’s left to do is scroll down and sign up.

Gaining inspiration from like-minded individuals while learning and networking has never been easier — you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

The Product and UX Virtual Conferences You Can’t Miss This Year

With the theme “Design in Perilous Times” in mind, Interaction 21 promises a three-day conference, an education summit, a day of workshops and more on interaction design. You’ll get to experience the host city — Montreal — from any corner of the world.

Jan. 31 to Feb. 5

An all-in-one UX and product conference that challenges the typical format by opting for “1-2-Everyone” speaker debates instead of the usual talks. Attendees benefit from two expert opinions on each given topic and then get to participate in group discussions.

Feb. 4

Known to be the largest product management conference in the world, ProductCon is celebrated four times a year. With more than 1,000 networking connections per conference, you don’t want to miss out.

Feb. 18

June 24

Sept. 23

A three-day event packed with 12 masterclasses and two keynotes where you’ll learn from knowledgeable UX experts. The planned side activities will help you network as if you were face-to-face with the other attendees.

Feb. 10-12

This year, Outcome’s focus is set on UX and product content strategy that lead to product success. The speakers will cover user research, design systems, customer success, onboarding and churn rate among others.

Feb. 11-12

Traditionally co-located with DeveloperWeek, ProductWorld is a product management and development conference and tradeshow. Speakers share their tech product success stories so you too can take your product to the next level.

Feb. 17-19

Three days of expanding both your UX research skills and your network, all thanks to this community-oriented event that deals with research leadership, research processes, and accessibility among other topics.

Feb. 24-26

With one day devoted to UX and another to UI, this conference offers workshops, demos, Q&As with the speakers after their live sessions, and even an online pub quiz and some yoga. If you can’t wait to network, its virtual lounge has you covered.

March 1-2

A summit for women in the product industry that highlights keynote talks, workshops, and wellness. If you want to build better products and learn from top product leaders while networking with like-minded individuals — all without setting wellness aside — this is the conference for you.

March 4

Everyone wants to build better products, but are the teams working together? Product, UX, design and dev come together by shifting from mere projects to proper teams with effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability at the base.

March 4-5 (UXDX APAC)

Oct. 6-8 (UXDX EMEA)

Four days of talks and events in this digital product and experience conference where real makers share their knowledge and learnings. With product and experience design at the center at all times, you’ll be able to network via fireside chats, live Q&As, roundtables and more.

March 15-18

Two days on human experience by 20+ speakers that will cover user experience, content, strategy and research under the topic “Commoning”: community-driven design, futurism, design-driven social initiatives, democratizing design, celebrating intersectionality and differences, and a lot more. There will be time for talks, workshops, inspiration, networking, new knowledge and new insights. 

March 25-26

Advertised as the conference for software product managers, INDUSTRY wants you to be sure you’re doing things right. Learn the latest methods, tools and frameworks to build, launch and scale software products. Enjoy the full experience with 10+ hours of keynotes, 25 sessions, 1:1 networking and so forth.

April 20-21


This comprehensive conference revolves around anything digital experience. With more than 200 sessions and training workshops, Adobe Summit brings the future of customer experience to you. Develop new skills, learn best practices and make every interaction valuable.

April 27-28

Although the conference runs through the first three days of June, the complete UXFest experience lasts the whole month. First, immerse yourself in interaction and product design with short talks, live Q&As and panel discussions. Next, celebrate digital design with weekly talks, masterclasses and networking sessions.

June 1-3

You can expect 24 hours of non-stop UX content at UXcamp Europe, a fully remote un-conference. Do you want to host your own session? Go for it! Ready to learn more about UX? You’re in the right place. Can’t wait to network? You’re in luck. To top it all off, it’s free! All you need is a Slack account.

June 5-6


Like any good product leader, this festival doesn’t just revolve around product. Expect data, design and strategy topics too. The theme for this edition is “the art of storytelling.” It’s packed with top-level speakers and offers networking options for its attendants.

Aug. 23-27


250+ speakers will appeal equally to product managers, marketers, and founders. Loads of immersive educational content designed to inspire and help you move forward at work. Meaningful networking that’s intentional and authentic. Become part of what’s next!

Sept. 7-10

Whichever product and UX virtual conferences you decide to attend, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones here. Enjoy and network away!

We’ll update this list as more events get announced. Do you think your conference should be featured? Reach out to us here and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Angela Gomez Sanchez
Ángela Gómez Sánchez

Passionate about linguistics and helping you deliver the perfect app experience.

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