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Sentry vs New Relic - Key Features & Pricing Comparison 2024


2 October, 2023

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Sentry vs New Relic

If the mobile app industry continues to grow as projected, its market volume could reach US $755.50 billion by 2027. Therefore, considerably more apps must offer unique value and be responsive and intuitive to stay competitive.

Sentry and New Relic are leading error-tracking and performance monitoring platforms for mobile apps. They handle app stability and responsiveness and help teams fix problems before they impact the UX.

On the other hand, the UXCam tool supports app performance monitoring in addition to granular user behavior insights to take the overall app experience up several notches at scale.

In this article, Sentry vs New Relic go head-to-head as we highlight their main functionality; and we’ll show why UXCam could make a better alternative for more ROI.

Sentry vs New Relic - an overview

Sentry and New Relic are two popular tools for monitoring and reporting on application errors and performance. While Sentry is better suited for tracking and aggregating exceptions, New Relic is better at monitoring application performance with detailed breakdowns by layer and component.

Sentry is primarily focused on error monitoring and reporting. It provides developers with real-time notifications of errors, detailed error reports, and the ability to track and manage errors as they occur. Sentry also offers customizable alerts, integrations with other tools, and the ability to analyze error trends over time.

New Relic, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive application monitoring tool. In addition to error reporting, New Relic provides real-time performance monitoring, application tracing, and infrastructure monitoring. New Relic is also known for its ability to provide deep insights into application performance, including detailed metrics on server response times, database queries, and transaction traces.

Overall, the choice between Sentry and New Relic will depend on the specific needs of the developer or development team. Developers and product teams who prioritize error monitoring and reporting may prefer Sentry, while those who require a more comprehensive monitoring solution may prefer New Relic.

What is Sentry?


Sentry is a cloud-based error-tracking platform that assists developers in diagnosing, resolving, and optimizing the performance of code for web-based apps. It makes it easier for developers to understand performance problems and related errors for quicker resolution. It uncovers pressing issues, trends, and inconsistencies across your code quality and workflows.

Sentry integrates with several popular developer collaboration tools, including Jira and GitHub. It supports native, mobile, web, and IoT frameworks and over 30 programming languages.

Key features

Session replay

The session replay feature provides deeper debugging context with a video-like replication of the user's journey before, during, and after the problem occurred. You can rewind and replay their steps to reproduce the issue for faster resolution. As the session replays, you'll have the option to see the connected technical details, including the network requests and DOM events.

Sentry session replay

Code-Level app performance monitoring at scale

Sentry delivers complete visibility of your code, so issues are handled before they affect UI or cause outages. It provides a comprehensive insight into your app's performance using a method called "retention priorities," where Sentry retains the most valuable transactions when data volumes are high. This method allows you to scale affordably with your traffic, so missed critical issues are rare.

Sentry application performance monitoring

Monitors new release health

Sentry allows teams to track user adoption, app usage, crash-free users, and session metrics following new app releases. Their mobile app monitoring functionality shows the UX impact and app version resulting from crashes and bugs. You can track the health of mobile releases over time and see new problem trends data through graphs, filters, and release information.

Sentry release adoption


Sentry has a free trial, freemium, subscription, and custom-based pricing model. They offer a code coverage add-on for deeper code insights to assist in resolution, and it can be added to the Team or Business subscription plans.

Sentry Pricing and Plans

Pros and Cons


  • Easy installation and works well with integrations

  • Emailed warning and error alerts

  • Consolidates similar errors for easier resolution


  • Error details can be overwhelming

What is New Relic?

New Relic

New Relic is a SaaS-based mobile and web app performance solution to support engineers in managing the performance and availability of cloud and data center apps. It gathers real-time and trending performance metrics, code-level diagnostics, and other data to support data decisions, quickly find performance issues, and for more flexibility in delivering satisfactory CX.

In addition, New Relic has one of the largest open-source ecosystems, with over 525 integrations, allowing engineers to use it with their preferred apps.

Key features

Application performance monitoring

New Relic tracks the performance of your apps and microsystems using automatic agents or OpenTelemetry. It instantly monitors golden metrics and highlights dependencies. And presents application logs with complete contextual information, including APM metrics like error rate, transaction responses, throughput, events, and traces.

New Relic APM

Infrastructure monitoring

New Relic presents your APM and infrastructure data side by side to pinpoint relationships and helps you find root causes quicker with error and change tracking and AIOps. For proactive monitoring, you'll see system-wide health across all entities. And detect priority signal changes and emerging issues in real-time.

New Relic Infrastructure Monitoring

Network performance monitoring

Their network performance functionality helps teams understand a problem's context and whether they’re caused by a network issue. And if it isn't a job for NetOps, the right resources can be applied at the appropriate stack layer to resolve it. In addition, it spots anomalies and sends instant alerts whenever the system’s performance deteriorates.


New Relic Pricing and Plans

New Relic uses a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model, with a free edition, one for teams of more than five engineers, and a custom edition.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for performance and full-stack analysis

  • Easy stack debugging

  • Great for preventing DDOS attacks by triggering alerts


  • Usability can be problematic when there are lots of feature options in some scenarios

Key differences between Sentry and New Relic

SentryNew Relic
ClassificationSentry is an error and exception monitoring platform.New Relic is a performance monitoring, development, and SysAdmin platform.
Error trackingSentry tracks uncaught exceptions, unhandled rejections, and other errors. It groups related error events based on characteristics that define a specific event.New Relic's Errors Inbox displays the tracked errors across your entire application stack, grouped for easy triage and resolution. It includes log context with error data and Slack integration.
Crash ReportingSentry helps teams to understand crashes and prevent them from reoccurring by highlighting error event history regarding specific errors categorized by issue. It provides all the details necessary to reproduce problems.New Relic's mobile monitoring solution enables crash tracking and diagnosis. When an app crashes, crash report details are processed and made clear. Crashes can be integrated with your ticketing system, and you can view details in the Crash analysis UI or receive a notification via email.
Performance MonitoringSentry's performance monitoring solution finds daily poor-performing transaction events and classifies them based on the problem type and duration. The trace view highlights a clear line between different transactions to help find the root cause of performance issues.New Relic uses automatic agents or OpenTelemetry to monitor performance. Teams can monitor performance with transaction visibility across apps and infrastructure. It emphasizes priority database queries. Complete database operations are displayed by query time, consumption time, and throughput.
Supported PlatformsSentry supports mobile, web, IoT frameworks, server-side applications, app integrations, and 30+ programming languages.New Relic supports Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and several programming languages. It integrates with cloud services like Microsoft Azure.

Best alternative to Sentry and New Relic: UXCam


UXCam is a leading mobile app analytics platform that assists teams in understanding the user experience on a granular level. In addition to solving poor performance issues, you'll discover what causes user frustration as they interact with your app. Session replays, heatmaps, and crash analytic data will highlight their motivations and conversion opportunities.

Tagless autocapture hero

UXCam works by integrating a lightweight SDK into your app for continuous, actionable insights. They have a dedicated security team and comply with the latest data protection certificates for utmost security.

Key features

Tagless autocapture

  • Autocaptures all user interactions, gestures, and frustrations

  • Find bugs not highlighted in crash reports

  • Understand why users are not using new features

UXCam Autocapture

Faster debugging and resolution

  • Autocaptures crashes, UI freezes, and exception handling and focuses on critical app events

  • Tracks app performance and stability with issue reports and alerts

  • Provides complete video replays of technical issues with comprehensive technical details

Resolve Issues Feature Image - Understand

Increase conversions

  • Create multi-step funnels to examine the user's end-to-end journey

  • Find drop-offs in your conversion funnel driven by technical or usability issues

  • Measure conversion uplift due to improvements

Funnel tool UXCam


UXCam offers flexible price plans including a free plan. All plans begin with a 14-day free trial.

UXCam Plans and Pricing

Reasons why mobile product teams choose UXCam Over the competitors

Here are some things people say about using our platform:

"Valuable and insightful piece of software."

"The UXCam team is extremely helpful and very supportive."

"Only user journey analytics of its kind."

"Cost effective and easy to use."

Error monitoring software testimonial UXCam

UXCam helps you monitor app performance and UX

Sentry and New Relic are market-leading solutions for monitoring and fixing performance issues. They help mobile app teams understand, prioritize, fix real-time problems, and prevent issues from turning into outages.

While Sentry and New Relic help product teams fix issues and quickly deliver app responsiveness and availability, UXCam does a lot more to enrich app interaction. We have the tools product teams need to monitor performance and understand how users

naturally interact with apps. The data our tool captures can help design decisions, like new features and features that need tweaking or removing, to keep your users engaged and encouraged to convert more.

See for yourself by requesting a demo today.

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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Tope Longe

Growth Manager

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