Mobile App Product Management Certification

Group 7999

This lesson addresses several key hurdles that developers face when releasing and managing mobile applications, along with strategies to overcome them.

App Store Submission Checklist

Key takeaways:

  1. Getting Your App Into the Store: Sometimes, when you try to put your app in places like the Apple App Store, it can get rejected or not accepted right away. This happens a lot because there are many rules about what your app can and can't do. To avoid problems, you need to really understand these rules and make sure your app follows them. There are special tools and checklists that can help you get everything right.

  2. Fixing Problems After Your App Is Out: Imagine you've just launched your app, and then you find a big problem. You want to fix it fast, but you have to wait for the app store to check and approve your fix, which can take a while. There's a clever trick called "feature flagging" that lets you turn off just the part of your app that's broken without having to take the whole app down. This means you can fix things quickly without making your users wait.

  3. Dealing With Different Versions: Not everyone updates their app to the latest version right away. So, if you make a new update, you have to make sure it doesn't mess up the app for people who haven't updated yet. You can use special tools to watch how different versions of your app are doing and make sure they all work well.

  4. Making Sure Your App Works on All Devices: There are so many different phones and tablets out there, especially with Android. Your app might work great on one phone but crash on another. You can use a tool that lets you see how your app works on different devices to find and fix any problems.

  5. Keeping Your App Small: If your app takes up a lot of space on someone's phone, they might not download it, or they might delete it later to make room for other things. You need to keep adding cool new features without making your app too big and bulky. This means you have to regularly check and clean up your app to keep it lean and fast.

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