Mobile App Product Management Certification


This lesson outlines a structured approach for measuring and improving the performance of a mobile app by focusing on strategic goal setting and measurement.

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Key takeaways:

  1. North Star Metric Recap: The primary KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that aligns with the organization's vision. It represents the ultimate target or long-term aim of the business. All decisions should aim to improve this critical metric.

  2. Input Metrics Recap: These are the variables that directly influence the North Star Metric. By identifying and focusing on a few critical input metrics each quarter, organizations can ensure they are making real progress rather than just being in motion. This approach allows for the efficient allocation of resources and efforts.

  3. OKR Framework (Objectives and Key Results): A tool to prioritize metrics and set strategic goals. Objectives are the big, inspiring goals aligned with the North Star Metric, acting as the destination in a roadmap. Key Results are the milestones that indicate progress towards these objectives. By focusing on specific input metrics and setting OKRs around them, teams can create a focused pathway to impact their North Star Metric positively.

  4. Practical Application: The passage concludes with a promise to pivot from strategy to execution in future lessons, focusing on setting up tracking for a mobile app. This includes actionable insights and tools for measuring, analyzing, and optimizing app performance, aiming to turn theoretical knowledge into tangible strategies for implementing a comprehensive tracking system aligned with strategic objectives.

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