Mobile App Product Management Certification


This lesson delves into measuring the success of experiments within mobile apps, focusing on a methodology that spans identifying trends, understanding their roots, and crafting hypotheses to ensure informed decisions enhance user experience and app performance.

  • Methodology Continuation: The methodology from the previous lesson remains vital, emphasizing the importance of data-driven changes and insights for measuring the impact of app experiments.

  • Progressive Rollout: Discusses the ring deployment framework for new releases, highlighting the progression from internal testing to full-scale launch and how KPIs evolve at each stage to reflect priorities and objectives.

  • Internal Testing: Focuses on app stability by monitoring metrics like crash rates when new features, such as an in-app chat, are introduced.

  • 2% Deployment: Shifts to validating hypotheses about user behavior changes, using metrics like daily active users and session length to assess the new feature's reception.

  • 41% Deployment: Measures the feature's impact on different user segments, identifying preferences and engagement levels among demographics like younger users.

  • 98% Deployment: Conducts a year-over-year analysis to evaluate the long-term impact of new features on user engagement and retention rates, assessing sustained effectiveness and adoption.

  • App Versions Comparison: Highlights the importance of comparing different app versions to directly observe the effects of new updates. This comparison, focusing on metrics like user retention, conversion rates, and satisfaction, provides insights into the impact of changes.

  • Analytical Approach: Each stage of the deployment and version comparison offers insights that form a comprehensive understanding of the app's performance and user satisfaction, stressing the significance of measuring the right KPIs at the right times for informed decision-making.

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