Mobile App Product Management Certification


This lesson teaches you how to set up tracking for your mobile app.

Key takeaways:

  • Data Trust and Collection: Overcoming challenges in trusting and collecting data is crucial. Simplifying tracking processes enables informed decision-making based on reliable data.

  • Traditional vs. Smart Tracking: Traditional tracking requires manual coding and is prone to errors, making it time-consuming and less reliable. Smart Events and Autocapture offer automated solutions that save time, reduce errors, and enhance data accuracy.

  • Setting Up Smart Events: Tools like UXCam allow for easy setup of Smart Events without coding. For example, tracking a purchase event becomes straightforward, involving just a few clicks to capture and name the event.

  • Dashboards: UXCam dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of app metrics and trends, allowing for real-time management and decision-making based on Smart Events integrated into the dashboard.

  • Funnels: Visualizing the user journey through funnels helps identify where users drop off, offering insights for improvement. UXCam simplifies funnel setup with suggestions based on common user paths.

  • Retention Analytics: Understanding how well your app retains users after their first visit is critical. Retention analytics in UXCam help track initial and subsequent significant user interactions, revealing user engagement and satisfaction levels.

  • Screens and Heatmaps: UXCam's screens and heatmaps offer a visual understanding of user interactions within the app, highlighting areas of high engagement and potential issues with the user experience.

  • Segmentation: Segmenting users based on specific criteria enables more granular insights into different user behaviors, enhancing targeted strategies for improving user experience and app performance.

  • Comprehensive Tracking and Analysis: The ability to set up and utilize smart event tracking, custom dashboards, funnels, retention analytics, and segmentation is essential for a deep understanding of user behavior and improving app user experience.

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