Top Tried and Tested Heatmap Tools for Web and Mobile Products

Heatmaps are a practical tool to know how your users navigate your product. We're sharing the best heatmap tools with you.

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Heatmaps are a practical data visualization tool to know how your users navigate your product. As such, there are many heatmap tools out there.

Is there an area of your app or website where your users tend to linger? Are they trying to push what they think is a button but isn’t? Are they ignoring a key element? Heatmaps answer these questions and more, which means they provide a necessary insight into your user experience.

If you want to know more about what heatmaps are, we recommend checking out our mobile app heatmaps article. For an even deeper insight into heatmaps, download our mobile app heatmaps e-book. In short, heatmaps are data visualizations of how your users navigate your product.

Now, let’s get down to business. If you’re here, you probably want to know which heatmap tools to get for your product. We’ll break them down for you.





Hotjar doesn’t rely on numbers alone to tell you how your users are experiencing your website. Quantitative data is necessary to know how your website performs, but so is qualitative data.

Hotjar’s heatmaps feature mouse clicks, moves and scrolls. Plus, you can see how users interact with your website on different devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. Session recording is also an option.


heatmap tools hotjar


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, session recording, incoming feedback, surveys.
Pricing: Offers personal, business and agency plans.



VWO completes heatmap data visualizations with click maps, click areas, scrollmaps and element lists. All of these features are combined under the VWO Insights suite. With them, you can gain a better understanding of the actions of your website visitors.

The heatmaps can be filtered depending on the type of user. Choose between segments that highlight new and returning visitors, different devices or browsers, and more.

Session recording, funnels, on-page surveys, and form analytics are also offered.


heatmap tools vwo


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, session recording, funnels, on-page surveys, form analytics.
Pricing: Free trial, heatmaps (VWO Insights) start at $169/month.



We dare you to find a more comprehensive heatmap tool for mobile apps.

UXCam combines heatmaps with session recording to see exactly what your users are doing with your app. This integration provides the context that other heatmap tools lack.


heatmap tools session recording


Because every gesture that your users perform matters, UXCam offers different types of heatmap data visualizations:

    • Uncover frustrations with rage and unresponsive tap heatmaps to improve the user experience before your users grow frustrated — and churn.
    • Find out which elements get the most attention with first and last touch heatmaps.
    • Identify and filter your heatmaps by specific gestures: Go beyond single and double taps with swipes, zooms, scrolls, and long presses.

On top of that, the device filters let you ensure device compatibility. Analyze the heatmaps and optimize your mobile app by understanding how your users interact with it. Improve the user experience, reduce drop-offs and increase conversions.


heatmap tools uxcam


For: Mobile apps.
Features: Heatmaps, session recording, funnels, user analytics, events, issue analytics.
Pricing: Free trial, price upon request.



Click, scroll, attention, movement, and geographical heatmaps for your website. Even though Mouseflow also offers session replay, it cannot be used simultaneously with heatmaps.

The geographical heatmaps serve to segment users and know where your visitors come from visually.


heatmap tools mouseflow


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, session recording, funnels, form analytics, feedback campaigns.
Pricing: Free trial. Business, enterprise and agency plans.


Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg offers traditional heatmaps, scrollmaps, confetti reports, overlays and lists. Whether you want data visualizations or raw data, Crazy Egg has you covered.

Other features are recordings — not in combination with heatmaps — and A/B testing.


heatmap tools crazy egg


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, recordings, A/B testing.
Pricing: Free trial, starts at $24/month.


Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange’s heatmaps work with all sorts of elements from your website, including drop-down menus. See clicks, moves and scrolls in real time, and share screenshots and stats after exporting them.

Other features are recordings, chat, funnels, form analytics and polls.


heatmap tools lucky orange


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, recordings, chat, funnels, form analytics, polls.
Pricing: Free trial, starts at $10/month.



Inspectlet covers classic, click and scroll heatmap data visualizations. One of the most simple yet effective heatmap tools if that’s what you’re looking for.

The rest of the features are session recording, A/B testing, form analytics and error logging.


heatmap tools inspectlet


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, session recording, A/B testing, form analytics, error logging.
Pricing: Free plain. Paid starts at $39/month.



Plerdy is one of the most comprehensive heatmap tools. Some of the heatmaps offered are clicks, scrolls, hot segments, mouse hovers, cursor position, and click paths.

A unique feature to Plerdy is the tracking of selected text. You can see the text on your website that your users select while reading your content. This way, you can find out what your most relevant text is according to your visitors.

Other features are session replay, event and goal tracking, SEO checker, funnels, e-commerce sales performance, and pop-up forms software.


heatmaps tools plerdy


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, session recording, event and goal tracking, SEO checker, funnels, e-commerce sales performance, pop-up forms.
Pricing: Free trial, free plan. Paid starts at $29/month.



Capturly’s heatmaps offering includes click, scroll and segment heatmaps. Simple and straightforward.

Besides being a heatmap tool, Capturly also provides session replay, conversion funnels, event analytics, and an analytics platform that makes sense of your quantitative and qualitative data.


heatmap tools capturly


For: Websites.
Features: Heatmaps, session recording, funnels, events, analytics platform.
Pricing: Free trial, free plan. Paid starts at $29/month.



Depending on your product and your needs, you will need one of these heatmap tools or another. For websites, there’s a lot to choose from. But you do get what you pay for. Beware of the number of sessions that are included at each price point. While some heatmap tools may initially look attractive due to low costs, these can quickly escalate depending on how many sessions you want to track.

We recommend going for a heatmap tool that doesn’t treat heatmaps as an add-on but rather focuses on offering different types. The more specific you can get, the better. That said, pay attention to the list above to see what tool is the most suitable for you.

For mobile apps, there is nothing better than UXCam. Uncover UX friction points and improve the user experience before your users grow frustrated — and churn.


heatmap tools user frustration


Heatmaps are taken to the next level with session replay. Why stick with the big picture when you can also pinpoint individual issues? Segment your heatmaps, not just your users. UXCam will help you deliver the perfect app experience.

All in all, as long as you’re taking advantage of heatmaps, you will find opportunities you don’t want to miss. Stop making assumptions about how your users interact with your product and start providing them with a flawless experience that converts.


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