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What you can learn from Netflix concerning Gestalt Principles

Sitting on the sofa or laying in the bed? Chips or chocolate? Desktop, Smartphone or TV? What do you prefer while watching a series on Netflix? Netflix beats his competitors in usability on all devices. Have you ever wondered why the usage of Netflix is this intuitive and easy? Possibly because your mind understands the big picture before you recognize…

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Introduction to Session Replay

Session replay empowers developers with the ability to understand where users struggle in real world scenarios. It is a qualitative analysis tool that recreates sessions and replays videos with complete touch interaction of the user's’ journey through the interface. Below we will discuss how this tool can aid you, a developer, UX designer or product manager, to understand your user’s…

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How to stop losing users while asking for permissions

Allow us to access your location, phone contacts and photos to read this article. We won’t tell you why we need this information. Please click on “Allow” now. Okay, this is exaggerated, but sometimes it feels like this when apps ask for permissions. Right? You just have one chance to ask your user for permission. To increase your success rate…

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