The complete guide for getting started with heatmaps

Traditional analytics tools show ‘charts and graphs’ and answers your quantitative questions such as ‘What’ and ‘How’ but they fail to explain ‘Why’. Putting it another way, the traditional analytics tools give you the holistic view of which part of your product needs attention; however, it doesn’t tell you which part of the page needs rework.

heatmap-product-appThis is where qualitative analysis comes in play, allowing you to make decisions based on understanding user’s actual experience with your product. Learn more about the differences here.  One of the key offering of Qualitative tools (including UXCam) is Heatmaps, which we will talk about in this post.

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Emotion Design – Building product with emotions and delivering experiences


People put Harley Davidson logo on their body to say something about who they are. Corporate logo. Ain’t no Procter and Gamble tattoo on anybody’s arm[..]
People put that tattoo not to say they own a motorcycle, they put the tattoo there to tell you something about themselves. 
What you have the ability to do is as designers is to create those symbols and allow people to use those things to say something about who they are.
- Simon Sinek, If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business1
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2016: Make it about delivering experiences over building product


  • ‘Zappos’ broke it’s own personal record for longest customer service phone call with a conversation that lasted 10 hours, and that wasn’t even about helping with a support problem. Apple, a computer manufacturer who is not a retailer has hundreds of stores, where people can learn about apple products, engage with them and get help if needed.
  • Walt Disney, a mass media company, runs profitable theme park businesses, DisneyLand and DisneyWorld.
  • Uber’ and ‘Lyft’ are sweeping away the taxi service industry from foot.

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Mobile User Onboarding [Getting Started Guide]

Marketers are spending huge amounts of money getting users to download their app but this is only the first half of the battle. A bigger battle is to successfully onboard the user. Infact, if the users are not onboard successfully, the marketing budget is down on the drain.

User onboarding helps make the user become successful, leading to higher retention and maximized value from every visit.

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Quantitative vs Qualitative Analysis


A common trait between humans is we have emotions. Decisions we make – we like to think it’s based on reasoning and logic but, in fact, it’s derived from intangibles like feelings and emotions. That’s not  not a bad trait and certainly shouldn’t be considered as an appendix from our ancestors; on the contrary more advanced creatures are more emotional than primitives, human being the most emotional of all helping us to make decisions quickly.

However, when building products for our users we often forget this behavioral aspect.
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Find user experience issues on your Phonegap apps with UXCam

UXCam helps you understand your users and find user experience issues on your apps. With quick and simple 2-line code integration, you can:

 See your app experience through the users eyes via Session replay:

You will be able to see screen replay and physical touch interactions on your app, providing insights into user behavior and helping you understand and solve problems that users encounter.

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