Mobile User Onboarding [Getting Started Guide]

Marketers are spending huge amounts of money getting users to download their app but this is only the first half of the battle. A bigger battle is to successfully onboard the user. Infact, if the users are not onboard successfully, the marketing budget is down on the drain.

User onboarding helps make the user become successful, leading to higher retention and maximized value from every visit.

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Quantitative vs Qualitative Analysis


A common trait between humans is we have emotions. Decisions we make – we like to think it’s based on reasoning and logic but, in fact, it’s derived from intangibles like feelings and emotions. That’s not  not a bad trait and certainly shouldn’t be considered as an appendix from our ancestors; on the contrary more advanced creatures are more emotional than primitives, human being the most emotional of all helping us to make decisions quickly.

However, when building products for our users we often forget this behavioral aspect.
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Find user experience issues on your Phonegap apps with UXCam

UXCam helps you understand your users and find user experience issues on your apps. With quick and simple 2-line code integration, you can:

 See your app experience through the users eyes via Session replay:

You will be able to see screen replay and physical touch interactions on your app, providing insights into user behavior and helping you understand and solve problems that users encounter.

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Redoing UX on your site? Here are few things to consider



For many companies UX of V-1 of their product is rarely done by a dedicated person. This was the case for us at UXCam. However, since we are building a company that’s help customers improve user experience, we have signed ourselves for further scrutiny on UX. Hence after raising funding from 500 startups and other investors (check out  how we spent money from 500 startups), we hired our first UX designer and invested time and money on revamping our UX.

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User-centered development with uxcam

There are various ways UXCam is currently being utilized by our loyal users. We want to share the most common uses and hear from you in the comments if there are any other ways you are using it.

1) Beta test your app for usability and feedback

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What’s new (May 19th UPDATE)

We’ve been very busy during the last few weeks working on some very interesting features that you have been asking us for. We love it – keep doing that! We are on a mission to build an awesome UX tool and you are a key part of it.

So here are the few things we have added on the new version.

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