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10 Apps with the Best User Onboarding Flows

Everyone has their own approach to user onboarding. But we at UXCam think it's a good idea to reverse-engineer what successful players are doing to create your own flow. Let's look at 10 apps that get user onboarding flows right. (more…)

Mobile UX: The Complete Guide

A great idea alone does not make for a great app. Mobile UX (=User Experience) and the design of your app are just as important for success. “...the average app loses 77% of its DAUs (editors note: daily active users) within the first 3 days after the install.” - Andrew Chen In order to decrease this number, you have to give…

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Mobile App Session Replay: 9 Ways To Use It

Imagine having the ability to understand where users struggle in real-world scenarios. It would be so easy to create a successful product that's being acknowledged across your whole network. Session Replay is a qualitative analysis solution that recreates sessions and replays videos with complete touch interactions of the users’ journey. Below we will discuss how this tool can aid you…

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Top 8 Android Analytics Tools Experts Use In 2019

The Android app market is highly competitive. To position oneself well and gain a competitive edge, android analytics solutions are essential. They provide insights into the users’ behavior, uncover weaknesses and allow you to deliver the best user experience. The general trend: Competition has increased in the last few years (Source: Statista) In one of our previous articles, we’ve already…

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Introducing UXCam Funnel Analysis & Advanced Heatmaps

The last few months have been full of improvements for UXCam - and we are continuing to move in this direction to deliver you even more value. Today, we are excited to present you the brand new Funnel feature! What’s new? UXCam Funnels allows you to map user flows, find out where users drop off and make changes with confidence.…

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